these incredible toys that drive collectors crazy

The madness seizes the collectors of the American brand. McDonald’s launched a Happy Meal for adults. And the gifts in the box are snapping up on the internet.

The Happy Meal is one of bestsellers of the restaurant chain from the United States. Created in 1979, it brought together, at the time, in a box in the colors of the brand: a hamburger, fries, a drink and a cookie. And already, more than forty years ago, the product intended for children contained a present like an eraser or pencils. Over time, the menu has developed and toddlers can now replace the hamburger with nuggets or the fries with potatoes.

The Happy Meal has been around for over forty years

the toy inside the box has also improved and it is often a question ofcollectibles on a specific theme. The children were able to find Hot Wheels cars, figurines from Disney cartoons or the world of Mario Bros video games. From collectors of these objects, some had clearly exceeded the age targeted by the firm created in 1940. Hence the idea of ​​launching a Happy Meal for adults.

McDonald’s launches adult version

Launching October 3, the adult menu includes a Big Mac or ten nuggets, fries and a drink, all in a cardboard box colorful. And the present which made the success of the Happy Meal is of course present. For the moment, everything is only available at UNITED STATES for a price of around 15 euros.

For the occasion, McDonald’s has teamed up with the famous streetwear brand American, Cactus Plant Flea Market or CPFM. So fans can collect four figures from the world of the fast food chain, redesigned by CPFM: Hamburglar, Grimace and Birdie the Early Bird. The last is Cactus Buddy who is a character decked out in the brand’s shirt.

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Figures drive collectors crazy on eBay

The figurines are a great success and are snapping up on the resale market. Thus, complete collections have found takers on eBay for sums sometimes reaching 500 euros. Some have even put unopened boxes up for sale for astronomical sums: $25,000 for a box.

Victims of their own success, Happy Meals are out of stock in some of the chain’s restaurants, which explains why prices are soaring on the net for toys. The collaboration with Cactus Plant Flea Market has also given rise to a range of clothing, available via a website. But everything is already sold.

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