These dogs and cats are waiting at the Nargis refuge: discover the portraits of Jamaica, Maguy, Mishka, Mona, Oria and Storm

Mishka4 months, ratter mix

Last name : Mishka
Sex : Female
Age : 4 months
Breed : A ratter type cross.
Temper : Small in size, it has its character, especially for the bowl. Otherwise, she does not show herself to be reckless during outings.
His ideal home: It will adapt everywhere but it will be necessary to educate it gently.

Oria, 5 months

Last name : Oria
Sex : Female
Age : 5 months
Breed : Cross
Journey :
Temper : Very gentle, rather submissive; she’s a charmer. She has been curious about her surroundings on her first outings, but stays close to humans.
His ideal home: A family with whom she can share a long journey.

mona9 years

Last name : Mona
Sex : Female
Age : 9 years
Temper : This beautiful little granny, a little sheep, is perfect: she is not young but she is in good shape, has no health concerns and she likes to walk, play and cuddle.
His ideal home: The one who will offer him a retirement basket, and a mutual exchange of affection.

Jamaica5 years old, crossbreed

Last name : Jamaica
Sex : Female
Age : 5 years
Breed : Cross point
Journey : She arrived at the refuge following her master’s departure abroad.
Temper : She is kind, playful and full of life, a little crazy – just like her ears which do not mark the same time! She lacks a bit of education, is quite nervous but without any aggressiveness, and she is very sociable.
His ideal home: An active family, rather young and with land to let off steam or frequent walks.

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Maguy3 months, european cat

Last name : Maguy
Sex : Female
Age : 3 months (she was born in August)
Breed : European cat
Journey : His mother was from a withdrawal with many other animals.
Temper : Maguy is a little shy, but with a few treats she becomes your best friend!

Useful information

It should be remembered that each shelter has adoption conditions. They can be viewed on their websites (links below).

Nargis Shelter

Open Tuesday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Rout of Montabon, 45210 Nargis

Such. : 02 38 95 88 48
Mobile: 06 49 45 99 22



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