“These are hours of training”: Constance’s dog takes part in an agility competition in Court-Saint-Étienne

A canine agility federation is organizing its Belgian championship this Sunday. The course is located in Court-Saint-Étienne, in Walloon Brabant. Beyond the competition, the masters are above all there to work on the complicity with their dog.

Between tunnels, bridges and jumps, the thirty-five participating dogs must overcome many obstacles on their way. The goal is to complete the circuit in order as quickly as possible.

A long workout

The practice requires rigorous and long-term training. Constance attends two sessions a week with her dog Hera: “His dog must be educated because he must be able to respond to a reminder and then there are hours of training and jumps… We do small and big workshops and then they are ready for courses but the education of the dog remains the basis.”

Strengthen the bond with the dog

Nicolas also competes and assures us that for the master too, it is a real job to give clear instructions. Nevertheless, their complicity is a real advantage: “It’s a way to concretize the relationship between the dog and the master but you have to be a good partner to do that. It’s very pleasant”.

For the co-organizer, this championship is an opportunity to build a bond between the master and the dog: “It still gives a good motivation to the person and the dog to be super interested in his master”explains Marc Delvaux.

Atmosphere and sport

A master who is not exempt from physical exercise because he must also have a certain endurance. The effort during races is brief but intense. “It still keeps up, at 64 I’m fine, I can still run,” says Nicolas, canine trainer. “And then, it’s the atmosphere! I’ve been doing it for 30 years.”

This canine agility championship takes place once a year in this federation, for some it is the realization of several years of work.

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