Thermomix: a model linked to the risk of burns

The German Thermomix manufacturer, Vorwek, has warned users of the TM6 model of the risk of burns when cooking at high temperatures.

Prevention is better than cure. Vorwerk, German manufacturer of the famous Thermomix kitchen robot, warned this Tuesday, August 23 about a risk of burns when cooking at high temperature with the TM6 model.

“In extremely rare cases,” Vorwerk said in a statement that the increased pressure from a measuring cup clogged with food can cause a “sudden, uncontrolled overflow of hot food,” resulting in burns.

The manufacturer of the food processor specifies that this risk is more likely “if the recommended filling level is exceeded”, and if the measuring cup is used on models “of previous generations”.

An old robot already pinned

A previous model of the robot-cooker has already been pinned for the risk of burns by consumer associations and by the Repression of Fraud (DGCCRF).

In 2018, Australian justice sentenced Vorwerk to a fine of more than 4 million Australian dollars (about 2.8 million euros) after dozens of burns caused by liquid or food leaks while cooking on Thermomixes. TM31.

This same model had been the subject of a seal replacement campaign in 2014.

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