The way a young employee treats dogs in a canine grooming salon was caught on camera

The moment was captured by security cameras at the pet store, where the young man has worked for over a year. It is said that when a person is happy in his job, he can work better and be more productive. Also, it can have a positive impact on their mental health, as they may feel less overwhelmed and more energetic in this setting.

This was demonstrated by a young man from a pet store in Paranavaí, Brazil, who went viral after being filmed by security cameras dancing with a dog just before giving it a bath.

The way a young employee treats dogs in a canine grooming salon was caught on camera

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According to information from Globo, they are João Victor de Oliveira Andrade, who performed his dance steps hugging Mel, a Yorkshire puppy; a technique he used to keep the animal unfrightened during his routine bath.

This young man has been working in veterinary medicine for just over a year now and so far he considers this profession to be part of his calling and his passion. “I like it a lot, it was like love at first sight. I identified myself… I want to be a veterinarian, to take care of animals”, he explained.

For the owner of the veterinary and animal shop, Priscila Ostaque Soares da Silva, the young man has always been an attentive employee and a good worker, but she did not know that he also had a special affection for the pets that his customers bring him day after day.

“That day, I was outside and I came back to the living room because I had forgotten something. That’s how I caught him in the act, when he was playing. I don’t mind if the service is not late,” explained the woman.

She added that at that time she put on music to further motivate her employees, but João took the opportunity to dance with the animal with great tenderness.

Watch the video below:

It is very important to emphasize that the attention paid by the young to the animals is very important, because the animals are often frightened and stressed when it is their turn to take a bath. Thanks to this gesture, the dogs can reduce their tensions and calm down, so that the bath is more bearable for them.

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