The video of the moving reunion of a woman and her dog lost for 5 years

Losing a pet is an unprecedented heartbreak. Paris, a little dog, had run away 5 years ago, but his mistress never lost hope of finding him. Thanks to the electronic chip of the canine, this miracle did indeed take place.

Bob Swensena man involved in animal rescue through the association Lost Animal Resource Grouphad spotted stray dogs near a railway line in Baltimore (United States).

Bob had therefore placed cage-traps filled with food to gently capture the canines. He had also positioned a camera nearby to be notified as soon as a doggie had entered a trap.

That’s how he caught a little dog with sad eyes. The unfortunate man was starving and exhausted.

After leading him safely home, the Good Samaritan called on Rachel Moxley of Microchip Help to identify the animal. Luckily, he had a microchip. Bob was therefore able to contact his masters.

“She couldn’t believe it”

Paris initially did not recognize his owner, whom he had not seen for 5 years. But as soon as he smelled her scent, he jumped into her arms and didn’t want to get down.

The woman explained that her faithful 4-legged companion had run away while the family was on vacation with friends. Since then, she hadn’t stopped looking for him, in vain.

“She couldn’t believe we had found Paris. She prayed and hoped he would be found and hadn’t adopted another pooch in all this time. She never gave up”added Bob.

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No one knows where the canine has been for the past 5 years. The rescue group believe he was picked up by people before he escaped and arrived at the train tracks.

Be that as it may, he has now found his house and his people. He is pampered more than ever and takes full advantage of the affection of his mistress to the angels.


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