The United States accuses Russia of not respecting the rights of opponent Alexei Navalny

“Prison authorities interfered with the preparation of his defense and his ability to communicate freely with his lawyer,” the US State Department spokesman said on Friday.

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Washington accused Moscow on Friday, September 9 of not respecting the rights of imprisoned Russian opponent Alexei Navalny. “The United States is deeply concerned that the Russian government is arbitrarily and increasingly interfering with the rights of Alexei Navalny”State Department spokesman Ned Price said in a statement. “Prison authorities hampered the preparation of his defense and his ability to communicate freely with his lawyer”for example by monitoring their meetings or causing delays in their exchange of documents, he explained.

It’s about “new evidence of politically motivated harassment” targeting Alexeï Navalny, in the same way as “his repeated solitary confinement for alleged minor offences”, continued Ned Price. This brings to light “the fear experienced by those who speak the truth” in Russia, he concluded, calling once again for the immediate release of the opponent sentenced to nine years in prison under the regime “strict” for charges of embezzlement that Alexei Navalny considers fictitious.

The opponent of Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that he had been deprived of confidential conversations with his lawyers. Moreover, according to him, each document exchanged with his defense will now be subject to a “verification for three days” by the prison administration. “In truth, there is nothing left, formally, of my rights of defense, which were already quite illusory”had regretted this 46-year-old anti-corruption activist.

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