the two African-Americans exonerated in 2021 of the assassination of Malcolm X will receive 36 million dollars

Thirty-six million dollars each is the sum that will receive the two African-Americans exonerated in 2021 after more than twenty years in prison each, for the assassination in 1965 of Malcolm X, their lawyer said on Sunday October 30. , confirming information from the New York Times.

“The tragedy of the murder of Malcolm X was felt around the world and compounded by the fact that it led to the conviction and imprisonment of two young, innocent black men in America”replied in an email to Agence France-presse (AFP) their lawyer David Shanies. “This injustice is now recognized and a modest step has been taken to correct it”added the representative of Muhammad Aziz, 84, and the family of Khalil Islam, who died in 2009.

The lawyer confirmed that the city of New York would pay $26 million to each of the two men and their families. The State of New York will also pay them five million dollars each, or 36 million dollars in compensation in total, according to figures revealed by the New York Times.

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42 years in prison for two

Last November, the Supreme Court of the State of New York had legally cleared MM. Aziz and Islam, calling it“failure of justice” their conviction more than half a century ago for the February 21, 1965 assassination in Harlem of civil rights icon Malcolm X.

Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam, who served 42 years in prison between them, have always maintained their innocence.

The third convict Mujahid Abdul Halim – released in 2010 – admitted at the time to having shot Malcolm X and exonerated his two co-defendants, but in vain until 2020 and the reopening of the case by the justice of New York .

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