the Trump administration censored information about the Covid-19

Members of the Trump administration tried to rewrite reports to align them with statements by the president, who downplayed the health crisis

Members of Donald Trump’s team when he was in the White House prevented health officials from providing certain information on the Covid-19, in order to go in the direction of the optimistic vision of the former American president , says a parliamentary report published on Monday.

Senior officials from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), the main federal health agency in the United States, have told investigators that members of the Trump administration intimidated staff and tried to rewrite their reports. in order to align them with the statements of the president, who minimized the epidemic crisis.

Censorship of several articles

Investigators interviewed a dozen former and current CDC officials, as well as senior government officials, for this 91-page report released by a congressional committee looking into the Covid-19 crisis.

In it, the parliamentary panel describes how officials from the Department of Health, appointed by Donald Trump, tried to take control of the CDC’s weekly scientific journal, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reportby editing or censoring articles they considered harmful to the Republican president.

These officials sought to “alter the content, contradict or delay the publication” of 18 of these weekly reports, as well as a health alert, and this with success on five occasions, according to the parliamentary report.

The commission’s investigation “showed that the previous administration embarked on an unprecedented campaign of political interference in the federal government’s response to the pandemic, which undermined public health in favor of the political goals of the former president,” said the chairman of the commission, the elected Democrat Jim Clyburn, in a press release.

Republicans dismissed the report’s findings on Monday, calling it partisan, and vowed to conduct their own investigation if they win back a majority in any house of Congress in November’s election.

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