the three virtues of cabbage, this healthy winter vegetable

Health asset of primary importance, Astrid Romain, micronutritionist, reveals three nutritional virtues of cabbage, this vegetable that we eat in winter and which is excellent for your health.

Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, white cabbage or head cabbage, there are several varieties of cabbage and know that this vegetable is excellent for your health! Astrid Romain, micronutritionist, explains three virtues of cabbage, this well-known seasonal vegetable.

In soup, in a salad or in a pan, cabbage can be eaten in different ways. But what are its benefits for our health?

Astrid Romain has been a micronutritionist for several years. Today, she gives you the three nutritional virtues of our friend cabbage:

Help fight cancer

It’s a health asset important. Cabbage helps fight against the proliferation of cancer cells. A recent American study was able to confirm this. But why ?

Inside the cabbage is glucosinolates, molecules that will help improve cell renewal.

Glucosinolates have antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer properties. Cabbages are particularly rich in glucosinolates. It has been shown that these molecules limit the growth of cancer cells and promote their self-destruction.

Great antioxidant

Cabbage is also known to be a great antioxidant. You know, these are the vitamins or these trace elements that we find naturally in our diet. Well, they allow protect body cells. They prevent the phenomenon of oxidation. It is for this reason that they prevent many diseases.

It is a tremendous antioxidant. That’s why you should eat a hundred grams of it every day.

Astrid Romain

If you like cabbage, reserve as soon as you can a small place on your plate to eat it.

Useful internally and externally

Cabbage is useful internally as well as externally. And yes ! The cabbage leaf allows in particular to calm joint pain, rheumatism or sprains. To find out more, Astrid Romain explains how to proceed:

First, you take a cabbage leaf. You remove the card. Then, with a knife, you scarify the leaf. You spread it with a rolling pin and surround your joint with the cabbage leaf, adding a classic bandage to hold it in place.

Your pain will subside gradually. Know that it is better to keep your cabbage leaf overnight. Its action will then be more effective.

There you go, you know everything! The good cabbage soup is yours!

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