the third part of “La Touche Animale” gives the floor to a veterinarian

Take out your diaries and your red pen to circle the date of Tuesday, September 6th. At 7 p.m., Yoann Latouche will host the 3e episode of “La Touche Animale”, the show dedicated to animal lovers. Broadcast live on the Brut. app, it will address health issues with veterinarian Sylvain Hawawini.

Like every week, the animal expert Yoann Latouche provides live broadcast The Animal Touch on the app Raw.

During the 2e appointment – ​​available in replay on Woopets –, the facilitator brought together Chloe Feschdog trainer, and Marion Ruffie, feline behaviorist, around the theme of boredom. The specialists gave a plethora of advice to the listeners in order to help them take care of their hairballs properly in the event of absence, and thus avoid depression.

For the 3e number, the journalist planned to exchange with Sylvain Hawawinia health professional at the service of our little companions.

The health of our furry friends at the heart of the debate

During the show, the 2 men will focus on several important questions: “ How do I know if my pet is healthy? He is the favorite NAC (New pets) of the French, how to take care of him? Where to adopt it? Does he really have to live in a cage? »

Illustration of the article: How to know if your little companion is in good health?  : the third part of “La Touche Animale” gives the floor to a veterinarian

Graduated fromNational Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfortthe Dr Sylvain Hawawini devotes his life to animal welfare. In addition to exercising his profession with passion on French territory, he goes every year to the Gabon to manage the only veterinary clinic in Port Gentil For many months.

During the show, listeners will be able to ask him questions via chat. This will be a great opportunity to collect a slew of interesting information to improve daily life and take care of their adorable protégés.

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To follow the 3e section of “La Touche Animale”, log on to the Brut application. this Tuesday, September 6, at 7 p.m. The replay of the show will be available on Woopets, 1er independent media dedicated to pets in France.


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