The Syndicate of Lawyers of France (SAF) demands the immediate release of Franco-Palestinian activist Salah Hamouri

AA/Paris/Fatih Karakaya

The French lawyers’ union (SAF) demands the immediate release of Franco-Palestinian activist Salah Hamouri, imprisoned by Israel, the union announced on its website.

After approving a motion of support for the lawyer, the union calls for his immediate release.

Indeed, Salah Hamouri, a Franco-Palestinian lawyer at the Ramallah bar, known for his activist positions in favor of peace and Palestinian rights, has been detained in Israeli prisons since March 10, 2022.

“His appalling conditions of detention forced him in October to begin a 19-day hunger strike. His arbitrary administrative detention… is renewed every 3 months. It is contrary to the Hague resolution and the 4th Geneva Convention, as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Quai d’Orsay have pointed out, and as the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations,” the motion further states.

As a result, “the SAF demands the immediate release of our colleague, who should no longer be subject to any travel restrictions”, we can still read.

Finally, the SAF explains “that it will solicit all the actors concerned by this obstacle to the voice of the defence, including the National Bar Council (CNB), so that his release is demanded by all”.

“Beyond the very person of the lawyer, it is freedom that is bruised. It is our duty as lawyers to defend it, ”concludes the text.

– Years of fighting for this activist

Salah Hamouri was first imprisoned in Israel between 2005 and 2011 for participating in the attempted assassination of Ovadia Yossef, Israel’s former chief rabbi and founder of the ultra-Orthodox Shass party, before being released in 2011.

He was arrested again last March by the Israeli authorities who placed him in administrative detention for three months. This administrative detention allows Israel to imprison anyone without formal charge. His detention was extended for the first time in June by the Israeli military justice, then once again in September.

The authorities accuse him of being part of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Marxist organization considered “terrorist” by the Jewish State and the European Union. But the activist has always denied his membership, and works within the NGO Addameer which defends the rights of Palestinian prisoners.

According to the NGOs defending his cause, following the extension of his incarceration, Salah Hamouri began a hunger strike in his 8 m² cell without ventilation, equipped only with a toilet and a mattress two centimeters thick.

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