the suspect’s lawyer defends a young person with a “completely normal, balanced profile”

His client is the main suspect in the case of the disappearance of Justine Vayrac, 20 years old, disappeared in Brive in Corrèze on Sunday.
He was indicted on Thursday for for murder, forcible confinement and rape, and remanded in custody. If the prosecutor detailed the elements on the course of the evening which cost the life of the young woman, mother of a two-year-old child,
his lawyer, guest of franceinfo
this Thursday, defends a young man “normally constituted”, to “completely normal profile, balanced”. Master Michel Labrousse also affirmed, as he did on Thursday with France Blue Limousin
that the drama “occurred out of a discotheque and against a background of alcohol”.

“Nothing could suggest” such an act, assures the lawyer of Lucas L.

While in police custody, Lucas L., 21-year-old farm worker confessed to killing the 20-year-old
. During his hearing, “He recalled the conditions in which he took action”, explains his lawyer to franceinfo. Michel Labrousse specifies that “technical expertise will be ordered, in particular by forensic doctors”. He also specifies that psychological and psychiatric expertise will be carried out on the suspect. “It’s essential. The questions are always the same: what are the springs, psychological, psychiatric that led a normally constituted individual? to take action?”

The lawyer assures that his client is “a normally constituted individual”, to “completely normal profile, balanced”. He added that “He is a young man from a good family, educated, intelligent, who practices a sport, who has a normal sentimental life”. According to him, “nothing could suggest” than his client “can commit the act for which he is accused”.

An awareness that “will require a long work”

This Thursday, Master Michel Labrousse, already affirmed with France Bleu Limousin
that the facts had taken place “against the background of a discotheque, alcohol”. He also asserted that “this young man has not yet fully realized what has happened”, specifying that for his client, the awareness “will require a long work”.

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