the success of plant-based meat is undeniable



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Agri-food professionals from around the world will meet from Saturday 14 October in Villepinte for SIAL. Their goal: to flush out the foods of tomorrow. The industry is researching how to produce the best meat substitutes.

In an establishment in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, no trace of animal meat. Here, the steak and bacon are plant-based. The dishes surprise even meat lovers. “It’s really really good, quite simply. It’s tasty, it’s a nice surprise”, says a customer. Today, more than a third of French people say they are reducing their consumption of animal meat.

In the 11th arrondissement of Paris, a start-up has launched into the manufacture of bacon and vegetable lardons. “Research is a very important part for us. (…) We are going to come and test the mache, the different aromatic notes, to try to reproduce everything we like in animal meat”, explains Nicolas Schweitzer, co-founder and CEO of La Vie. Supermarket shelves are also expanding, and consumers are now spoiled for choice. Within ten years, vegetable products could represent 10% of the meat market on a global scale.

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