the strange anti-stress methods of chinese students

Students walk their dogs in the alleys of a campus, they pass each other, exchange a few words, then continue on their way. The scene may seem banal, except that these animals are made of cardboard. The Chinese media do not know the origin of the phenomenon but report that it is fashionable on the campuses of certain large cities, such as Chongqing, Chengdu (west), Xi’an (north) or Yichang (in Jiangxi, south-east ).

“I met comrades walking their cardboard dogs [durant le confinement]”, says student Xuezi, from the Chongqing University of Political Science and Law (southwest), quoted by the Qianjiang Wan Bao.

These animals, posted in front of the dormitories, have become a means of communication for confined students, describes the newspaper. Student Zheng Di says strangers left some snacks outside her door and a note asking about her pet. Later, the young woman herself left presents for her neighbours’ cardboard animal.

“A cardboard dog doesn’t get old, doesn’t get sick, and it will always be waiting for me at the door,” D

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