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Meat: stop or again?case

In search of credibility in a less carnivorous society, the interprofessional association Interbev diverts dietary recommendations to its advantage and relies to do so on a network of dieticians. An ethically questionable and not always transparent partnership.

Scientific studies on the carcinogenic nature of meat, alarming reports on the ecological impact of livestock farming, awareness of animal suffering… As science advances, society is moving towards a less meat-based diet. The latest study by the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (Credoc), in 2018, showed that meat consumption had fallen by 12% in ten years. Ironically, this survey had been commissioned from Credoc by Interbev, the national interprofessional association for livestock and meat, the main lobby for the multi-species sector in France. The goal? Knowing how to make the best use of its annual budget, of more than 28 million euros in 2022, reserved for communication and the promotion of its products.

Faced with this observation, Interbev, created in 1979, had to change strategy and develop more subtle marketing messages than the declarations of love for the big rare steaks of Fabien Roussel, the boss of the PCF, during the presidential campaign of 202 …


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