The SPA invests Stray, the video game to the glory of cats, to have them adopted

The animal protection association wants to raise awareness through video games. She offers to play Stray, where the player embodies a cat, adopting the features of five felines from his refuges.

This is a new type of communication that the SPA is rubbing shoulders with. The animal welfare association has decided to raise awareness about adoption through video games. Riding on the success of Stray, a game in which the player embodies a cat, she proposes to replace the main feline of the title by one of the five residents of her refuges.

Customize the gaming experience

Thus, five cats taken in by the SPA are highlighted: Zoya, P’tite Shrimp, Pastelle, Caline and Doc. Each of the animals has been modeled and made available to players in the form of mods. These “modification files” make it possible to change certain elements – mainly graphics – of a game in order to modify its content.

Here, the files created by the SPA allow PC owners to change the appearance of Stray’s original cat. But since the release of the game developed by the French studio BlueTwelve, mods proliferate on the internet to personalize the gaming experience.

Released on July 19, Stray immediately saw its content modified by “moders”, the creators of these “change files”. At first, many players asked to integrate their real cat into the title published by Annapurna Interactive.

Subsequently, more humorous changes have emerged. The main character of the game has thus been replaced by Garfield, the funny ginger cat, or Marie des Aristocats. In the field of video games, the feline has been changed into Spyro, the iconic dragon of the PlayStation, into a pig of Minecraft and again – crazier – in CJ, the main character of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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