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At 4 p.m., dietician Solveig Darrigo-Dartinet, author of Healthy and Natural Goûters (Rustica), enjoys tea accompanied by a slice of homemade gingerbread and an orange. Corinne Chicheportiche-Ayache, nutritionist, tastes a compote without added sugar with a square of dark chocolate. The proof that these two experts do not doubt for a moment the benefits of the four-hour meal! “Tasting results in a more even distribution of energy intake throughout the day,” explains Dr. Chicheportiche-Ayache. As a bonus, this snack allows you to take a relaxing break and brings a welcome dose of energy to end the day. “This ‘meal’, if it is structured, also represents an excellent strategy for channeling the urges of nibblers”, observes Solveig Darrigo-Dartinet.

Our tailor-made suggestions

Appetite suppressant 1 handful of almonds + 1 square of dark chocolate. These two products are rich in tryptophan, an amino acid that contributes to the production of serotonin, a neuromediator involved in emotional regulation and reducing food compulsions.

Sports special 50 g cereal bread + 2 tbsp. coffee honey + 1 serving of skyr, rich in protein, to repair muscle fibrils.

Vegan 2 slices of cereal bread + 2 tbsp. with coffee of mashed almonds + 1 fruit. For mothers-to-be 1 yogurt or 1 fromage blanc (source of calcium) + 1 handful of oilseeds, rich in omega 3, to keep your spirits up during pregnancy.

We listen…

1. If the snack has many advantages, it is not mandatory, “except before a sports session or when lunch and dinner are very far apart (eight hours or more)”, specifies Dr. Chicheportiche-Ayache. In other words, if you don’t feel like it or need it, don’t force yourself! Remember, however, that this break is more than beneficial in the context of weight loss. “It will make it possible to considerably lighten dinner, a meal that is often too rich and too bulky, because we come home hungry in the evening”, notes the doctor.

… By respecting the right rhythm

Beyond your feeling of hunger, it’s the clock that you have to watch. Observing a time lapse of about three hours between lunch and snack and then between snack and dinner is imperative in order to respect the digestion cycles.

We imagine a real menu…

2. Too often improvised, the snack must nevertheless be prepared like a meal. “My recommendation is to always start with the tasting of fresh fruit: two clementines, or half a banana, a kiwi, an apple, says Solveig Darrigo-Dartinet. Chewing and the presence of fibers will channel the appetite. And we benefit from a supply of quickly assimilated sugars which restores energy. Afterwards, we complete with cereals, for their more satiating slow sugars, either one or two slices of bread, with butter or a square of dark chocolate. Or we take a dairy, a source of calcium and protein. Another option: a handful of oleaginous dried fruits, such as almonds or walnuts – which contain good fat, magnesium, fiber – and dried fruits, such as prunes, figs or apricots.

… by daring to be salty

Fresh goat cheese toast, toast with a quarter of a crushed avocado, rich in fiber for satiety and antioxidant vitamin E… Nothing prevents you from inviting salty foods, but be sure to limit cheese, whose fats can affect the good digestion.

We forget the processed products…

3. Biscuits, chocolate bars, pastries… we must turn our backs on these foods, whose ugly defect is to provide bad fats (trans fatty acids, harmful to the heart) and/or too many fast sugars, “which lead to a discharge of insulin responsible for hypoglycaemia conducive to food cravings in the hours that follow,” warns Dr Chicheportiche-Ayache. The ideal? Bet on the most raw and least processed foods possible: good quality bread and “homemade” delicacies, made with little sugar and zero additives.

… By limiting the quantities

The snack should remain a light snack, the proportion of which adapts to your feelings, your metabolism and your level of physical activity. If in doubt, an appointment with a nutritionist will allow you to perform an impedance test to define your body composition and precisely assess your needs.

We hydrate…

4. “Don’t forget to drink. Water is preferred, but it can be replaced by certain hot or cold drinks, without added sugar,” advises Solveig Darrigo-Dartinet. How about a light tea or herbal tea? You can crack from time to time for a hot chocolate: choose defatted chocolate and possibly a vegetable milk enriched with calcium and vitamin D in case of intolerance to animal milk. The smoothie is welcome if you add vegetables (avocado, spinach, cucumber, etc.) to the fruit to limit the glycemic peak. With this in mind, forget the fruit juice!

…by avoiding drinking coffee

To ensure good sleep, exciting or energizing drinks should be avoided at the end of the day.

No salads! A podcast to better understand

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