The Reac Wolf and the Woke Dog

Parody of the fable “The Wolf and the Dog”, by Jean de la Fontaine, also inspired by Aesop and Phèdre.

A wolf had only bones and skin,

Both the Dogs kept watch.

The reaction meets a Woke as powerful as it is beautiful,

Bold, polite, who had mistakenly strayed.

Attack it, quarter it,

Sir Wolf would have done it willingly;

But we had to fight,

And the Mastiff was big

To defend yourself boldly.

So the Wolf approaches him humbly,

Come in and compliment him

On his interpersonal skills, which he admires.

“It’s up to you, beautiful sir,

To be as good as me, replied the Dog.

Leave the law, you will do well:

Your reactions are miserable there,

Dunces, haires, and poor devils,

Whose condition is Republican.

Because what? nothing assured: no sound thoughts:

Everything at the forefront of the past.

Follow me: you will have a much better destiny”.

The Wolf resumed: “What shall I do?

“Almost nothing,” said the Woke, “drive out evildoers,

Dominants, males, and whites;

Flatter the homeless, please Rousseau:

For what your salary

Will be strong reliefs, couscous on New Year’s Eve:

No chicken! Tofu without grits!

Not to mention many caresses.

The Wolf is already forging a bliss

Which makes him cry with tenderness.

On the way, he saw the col du Woke pelé.

“What is it there?” he said to him. – Nothing. – What ? nothing ? – A few things.

– But still? – The ideas I am attached to

What you see may be the cause.

– Attached ? said the Wolf: so you don’t think

What do you want? – Not always ; but whatever ?

– It matters so much, that of all your charms

I don’t want in any way,

And would not even want a treasure at this price”.

That said, Master Wolf fled, and ran again.

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