the Puppy Show is not to everyone’s taste

Events’com indeed announces 36 breeders present on 39 exhibitors, for a total of 684 puppies in exhibition-sale and 103 kittens. Indicative figures, since there can always be last minute absentees. 41 breeds of dog would thus be present, from the beagle to the rottweiler, passing by the shiba or the jack Russel, as well as eight breeds of cat (abyssinian, siberian, bengal…).

Animal wellbeing

It should be noted that the recent evolution of the legislation obliges candidates for the acquisition of a dog or a cat to sign beforehand a certificate of commitment and knowledge by which they acknowledge being aware of their responsibility towards the animal. Sale of equipment and snacks on site as well.

A commercial event that is not to everyone’s taste. On Facebook, the Animalist Collective La Rochelle is indeed calling for a rally on the spot, this Sunday, at 2 p.m., for an action to raise awareness among visitors. Under the slogan “stop animal marketing” which aims to fight against animal abuse, it is a question of encouraging visitors to favor the adoption of abandoned animals collected in shelters rather than “shopping in express” in specialized fairs.

Kevin Blaison, manager of Events’com wants to be reassuring: “we apply a strict health protocol and a veterinarian will be on site to check the state of good health of each animal. Our dogs and cats are also double vaccinated before arriving at the show and our breeders are chosen with care”.

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