The projects in Lyon of the Bocuse houses with Laurent Gerra

Paul-Maurice Morel, General Manager of Restaurants & Brasseries Bocuse, is the guest of “6 minutes chrono”. He talks about future collaborations with Laurent Gerra (Leon of Lyons), the group’s international projects and the trial that will oppose, in 2023, Jérôme Bocuse to the Paul Bocuse Institute.

Leon of Lyonsthe mythical restaurant on rue Pléney (1st arrondissement) is now in the sole hands of comedian Laurent Gerra, originally from Bourg-en-Bresse.

On October 18, 2018, Laurent Gerra and the duo Fabien Chalard/Julien Géliot (Les Gastronomistes) – notably founders of the Stock exchange counter – signed an agreement with Fabienne and Jean-Paul Lacombe for the acquisition of Leon of Lyons.

On August 19, 2022, Laurent Gerra and the duo of Gastronomists announced their separation. After disagreements, the comedian bought all their shares in several joint restaurants in which they had previously been the majority: Leon of Lyons therefore, but also Plethora and Balthazar in the 2nd, Clearly singing in the Croix-Rousse district, as well as Mamma Osteria and The cellar next door in the 1st. The stage and business man also has his hands on the three Pomponette bakeries. It thus took 100% of the capital of these establishments.

“There is too much blended cooking. We are part of restaurateurs who still cook. It is the spirit that Laurent Gerra wanted to. So we supported him.”

On August 20, Laurent Gerra and Jérôme Bocuse confirmed that “discussions (were) underway to strengthen their partnership” in the objective, was it written in the statement sent to the press of “safeguard the group of which Laurent Gerre was a minority shareholder”.

Historical links between Bocuse and Leon of Lyons (Lacombe)

For Paul-Maurice Morel, partner of Jérôme Bocuse for the Maisons Bocuse (9 establishments in Lyon, Paris and Annecy), “the main thing (being) the quality” and “Bocuse, (being) above all a story of men”the partnership with Laurent Gerra was quite natural.

A collaboration with historical accents since in his time, Paul Bocuse had helped Jean-Paul Lacombe (on the death of his father Paul Lacombe, chef owner of Leon of Lyons). Relations between the two families go back even further since Paul Bocuse’s father, Georges Bocuse, had worked for Léon de Lyon, whose real culinary prowess was coq au vin and stuffed mushrooms, “Mère Léon” chicken, sole with butter, dumplings and lobster with cream).

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