the project of a lithium deposit is controversial


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The conquest of lithium is also being played out in the United States, where the largest deposit in the country is soon to see the light of day. Enough to make up for the delay of the Americans in the production of electric batteries, but the project is controversial.

Deep in the Nevada desert is the largest lithium deposit in the United States. An essential material for making the batteries of electric cars or those of mobile phones. In a technical center of the State, one carries out the last adjustments before the extraction of the ground. This site will multiply the extractions of the country by 16.

A gigantic production which worries because of the important draining of water which it will involve in the water table. Ed Bartell, owner of a ranch 30 minutes from the future site, fears for the environment that feeds his cows. He sued the government for giving permission for the project. He is not the only one to oppose the project. Native American tribes also consider this site sacred. A hearing is scheduled for the tribes, but Joe Biden has already given his support to the project.

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