the prefecture takes stock of the Braderie de Lille

There were fewer arrests and police custody this weekend for the return of the Braderie de Lille compared to 2019.

For the great return of the Braderie de Lille after two years of absence, 2.5 million visitors made the trip during the weekend. The final security report, drawn up by the Nord prefecture, shows a slightly calmer edition than in 2019 with 112 interventions by the police, including one for an abandoned package (119 in 2019 and 86 in 2018) .

In detail, 23 arrests took place this year, an almost stable figure compared to previous editions since in 2019, 28 arrests had been recorded and 25 in 2018. There were 21 police custody and 315 vehicles were placed at the pound against 380 in 2019.

Customs officers were particularly mobilized throughout the event to check the origin of certain products offered on the stands. 80 of them were inspected, 24 of which gave rise to fines.

“Nearly 18,000 items were seized, for an estimated market value of nearly €160,000”, indicates the prefecture.

A closed restaurant

Catering during the Braderie de Lille was also inspected by the health services. 83 professionals were checked, including 12 on a second occasion, resulting in the administrative closure of a restaurant. 885 kilos of goods were destroyed this year, more than double that of 2019 with 337 kilos.

These health checks were carried out all week before the opening of the Braderie thanks to a team combining agents from the departmental directorate for the protection of the population and agents from the city of Lille.

The emergency services were particularly called upon with 448 people taken care of during the weekend. 15 aid stations had been installed within the perimeter of the Braderie de Lille. “These interventions gave rise to 131 hospitalizations without any vital prognosis”, specifies the prefecture. Nine children lost during the event were “quickly found”.

In total, 3,000 agents from the State services were engaged in the Braderie de Lille with police, gendarmes, customs officers or agents from the departmental directorate for the protection of populations.

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