The Parisian police dog “Vogue” retires and is looking for his new family

“Vogue” is a 5 year old Belgian Shepherd Malinois. It is also a police dog specializing in “defense-intervention” explains the friendly of the Parisian dog company, in a press release in the form of a letter. But despite his athletic qualities, “Vogue” realizes that this job is not really for him. He is therefore retiring and looking for his new family.

“What I want is a couch and enjoy!” can we read in the letter. The animal was also the victim of a pulmonary parasitic infection but is completely cured.
“Now I am in great shape and weigh 33 kg”. “Vogue” is “very fusional” with his master. “I have a very good obedience but it will be necessary to set me a framework and strict rules so that I know the limits not to be exceeded and that I can find my place among you”.

His future master and his new family will have to be able to devote time to him and manage his “too full of energy”doing activities with him, such as long walks or games. “I’m a sweetheart but remain selective, and I only get along with certain dogs and humans, that’s my character. I’ve never been in contact with pets, I don’t know if I will appreciate”.

To contact us regarding Vogue:
[email protected] Don’t forget to mention…

Published by Amicale Compagnie Cynophile de Paris on Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The current master of “Vogue”, unfortunately, cannot keep it. “I will need a little warm place to sleep, and space to be comfortable” underline the letter.

If you are interested in adopting “Vogue”, contact the police officers of the canine company by e-mail:
[email protected]. In your message, it is necessary to specify the number of people who live in your home as well as the age for the children, the type of your home, and if you have other animals.

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