The owners of this house in La Roquette-sur-Var join an nursing home, their abandoned cats

This is, alas, the classic scenario of life. The existence which lengthens and which leads to the stage of dependence. It is then necessary to leave the house and all that had made it the comfort of happy days.

In a district of the village of La Roquette-sur-Var, Jean and Monique had to resolve to leave their home almost three years ago to join an Ehpad.

In a hurry, they left behind the companions adopted over time. The couple had nevertheless taken the time to ask Annie, a faithful friend, to feed the cats and the four donkeys.

Up to 50 cats

A kind of commando of the heart was then formed, made up of neighbors sensitive to the animal cause.

Annie, accompanied by Philippe and Nöelle, had to manage the donkeys which had become the nightmare of the neighborhood because they regularly run away. Placed in the Var, they flow happy days there today.

The felines then became the sole guardians of the deserted house. But out of control, they quickly proliferated, reaching a troop of fifty individuals.

It was then that the association “les chats du Mercantour” directed by Leslie Frazier came into action in the company of its volunteers. Long hours were needed to capture some of the tomcats in order to sterilize them and for some direct them to foster families. In this way, the population was reduced to fifteen individuals, who remained on the spot.

And since then, day after day, Annie and her friends have been feeding the animals kibble and pâté paid for out of pocket. And the budget is substantial, amounting to around 100 euros per month. In order to reduce the bill, they search for the best cost on the internet. It was then Sylvain, the postman, who delivered the cat food regularly.

A call for their adoption

But now the countdown is on, because the house will soon be sold. And Annie worries: “I am appealing for the adoption of these cats or to find a foster home, because I cannot bring myself to abandon them a second time”.

Hoping that animal friends will show up so that Réglisse, Petit Gris, La Pear, Noé and their congeners can continue a peaceful life. In the meantime, our three anonymous rescuers continue to care for them with kindness.


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