the number of cases is increasing, confirms a Belfortain lawyer

The number of domestic violence cases has increased “in recent years”, confirms Julien Robin, lawyer at the bar of Belfort, who regularly defends women victims of domestic violence. If he does not exclude the last confinements among the causes, the criminal lawyer also sees “the fact that victims now have more opportunities and freedom to file a complaint”.

“There is a real mobilization of the judicial institution”, affirms the lawyer, who specifies that “almost systematically, the judicial response is immediate”. Asked about the domestic violence on Sunday, January 16 inseloncourt, for which it was announced that the trial will take place in early April, he recalls that “every case is different” and that “dangerous situations are sometimes difficult to assess”.

If he finds that devices such as the anti-reconciliation bracelet have “trend to be deployed gradually, since 2020”it’s necessary “increase resources” on the fight against domestic violence. The police and gendarmerie services have been made aware, he congratulates, but “training must continue”.

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The population also needs to be made more awarebelieves Julien Robin, who recalls that “each person can bring his stone to the building”. Relatives or neighbors should not hesitate to contact the police when they observe violence.

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