the mayor stuck in the business of beach restaurants

Little throwback. In order to meet the conditions of the Littoral law, which now only allows removable equipment on the beaches in winter, the Saint-George municipality launched a call for applications in August to take over the beach concessions with this new modality. Existing buildings to be demolished from November 2022. La Cazuela, La Réserve and Acapulco are concerned. A fourth batch, which does not exist today, was also part of this procedure.

“Initially, we had considered this new location away from homes to transfer the night bar La Réserve. Except that the prefect did not want to”, explains the mayor of Saint-Georges-de-Didonne François Richaud who, “of a natural optimism”, thought that it was going to pass. Despite the refusal of the representative of the State, the lot was maintained. And that’s the rub. The two opposition groups (Émergence and Nouveau Cap) supported where it hurts. The land in question is in fact in a non-constructible zone. Annoying when you plan to set up a business selling pancakes and ice cream.

A badly put together file

“It is true that, in the Local Urban Plan (PLU) voted by the previous team, this space is in a remarkable natural area. I have to change the PLU, but it will take between three and four years. I remain convinced that a fourth beach establishment that can be dismantled here would be a good thing, ”insists the elected official. In any case, this will not be possible in the short term. The new deliberation, normally voted in October, will be relieved of this lot. “We will launch the new call for applications for the other three current locations in stride. Then it should go quickly. The candidates have already compiled their file, ”continues the mayor. Finally those who have not been traumatized by this croquignolesque false start. “It all smells like shit. I won’t go, ”anonymously confides a restaurant entrepreneur from Royan.

Will La Réserve be able to open in the summer of 2023 as a removable structure? A race against time is on.


“Dismantling a structure, storing it and reassembling it for the season would cost at least 100,000 euros”

The opposition, it fires red balls, speaks of “amateurism” and makes François Richaud the only responsible. Even if this twist suits the business of Lionel Teyssier, the manager of the Acapulco restaurant, the latter remains skeptical about the way in which the case is being conducted. “Being a candidate for the renewal of the concession interests me, but I admit that I have not had time to put together a file. We learned that in August and the deadline for submitting applications, September 15, was too short, ”he points out. But above all, the interested party is reluctant to embark on an adventure that risks being a financial pit. “We did the math. To dismantle a structure, store it and reassemble it for the season would cost at least 100,000 euros. It is a sum. You have to look at all the parameters. If the project is still viable, I will go. »

False hope ?

However, the restorer is campaigning for the maintenance of the existing buildings and is developing an argument that has also been put forward by the elected representatives of the opposition. The beach restaurants would not, according to them, be on the maritime public domain but on the municipal public domain.

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