the matches of Victor Wembanyama and Boulogne-Levallois broadcast… in the United States!

Martin Lange, edited by Alexandre Dalifard

Several Betclic Elite matches broadcast in the United States, this is a first for France. She owes it to Victor Wembanyama, considered to be the new big star of the NBA. The American basketball league, very interested in his profile, has just announced the acquisition of the TV rights of the player’s team as well as several matches of the French championship.

This is a world first, and further proof that “Wembamania” is taking over the United States. Victor Wembanyama, French basketball player, continues to turn the heads of Americans at only 18 years old. The 2.21 meter prodigy takes everything in its path. Announced as the future star of the NBA, the American basketball championship, the young nugget never ceases to attract attention. So much so that the Americans have just bought the TV rights of his team, Boulogne-Levallois, a first.

A spotlight for French basketball

From this Saturday, October 29, the meeting between Levallois and Bourg-en-Bresse, as part of the 7th day of Betclic Élite, the Ligue 1 equivalent of the orange ball, will be broadcast throughout the United States, on NBA app. A single reason to explain the interest of the Americans: Victor Wembanyama. Already in the sights of specialists, the French confirmed this during his capital performance in Las Vegas at the beginning of October. On October 4 and 6, against the G-League team Ignite (Uncle Sam’s basketball League 2), Victor Wembanyama offered two top performances by signing a match sheet with 37 and 36 respectively. points. Enough to leave the NBA galaxy speechless.

A real spotlight for French basketball, especially since last year the French championship did not even have a broadcaster! The hatching of Victor Wembanyama is therefore a sporting but also economic boon. If the interest of the United States is mainly focused on the new nugget that some already see on the roof of the world, the agreement does not concern only the matches of his team. The NBA will also broadcast the All-Star Game, which will take place on December 29 in Paris, the Leaders Cup (February 17-19, 2023) and the playoff matches. If the amount of this agreement is not yet known, it should however bring big money to the National Basketball League. Without even having set foot on an NBA floor, Victor Wembanyama is therefore already an ambassador for tricolor basketball across the Atlantic.

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