the main investigations around Donald Trump

Here are the main investigations concerning the Republican billionaire, who has not yet been charged in any case.

The White House Archives

The search conducted on August 8 by the federal police in his luxurious residence in Mar-a-Lago was triggered by the delivery in January to the National Archives of 15 boxes of documents taken by Donald Trump when he left the Oval Office.

It was after examining these boxes that the FBI decided to search, seizing on this occasion about thirty other boxes of documents. The Justice Department said the top-secret documents seized were “likely concealed” to hinder the federal police investigation into him.

Donald Trump has asked a court to appoint an independent expert to review the seized documents to determine if any of them can be kept confidential.

The House of Commons Inquiry into the Capitol Assault

The parliamentary commission of inquiry into the assault on the Capitol, on January 6, 2021, showed the extent of the pressure that Donald Trump exerted on electoral officials after the 2020 presidential election won by Joe Biden.

The members of this commission considered that the former president had, at the very least, “failed in his duty as commander-in-chief”.

But if the work of the commission has been widely publicized, it does not directly lead to legal proceedings: it is up to the Ministry of Justice to decide on any possible criminal consequences.

The criminal investigation into the assault on the Capitol

Federal prosecutors investigating the Capitol assault have already had about 100 participants sentenced to prison.

Are they planning to go all the way back to White House officials, or even the president? This is the dilemma facing Merrick Garland, the Minister of Justice appointed by Joe Biden, who has authority over the prosecution.

Known for being methodical and cautious, the minister does not rule anything out. “Everyone who is criminally responsible for efforts to annul the election will have to answer for their actions,” he said.

For the time being, Donald Trump does not seem to be directly targeted in this investigation.

The 2020 election in Georgia

A Georgia prosecutor announced in 2021 the opening of an investigation into “attempts to influence the electoral operations” of this state in the South of the United States, rather conservative but won by Joe Biden. Investigations are continuing in 2022.

In a telephone call, the recording of which was later made public, Donald Trump asked Brad Raffensperger, a senior Georgia official, to “find” nearly 12,000 ballots in his name, enough to reverse the results in this State.

Fani Willis, prosecutor for Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, appointed a grand jury to determine if there was enough evidence to prosecute Donald Trump. She has already managed to collect testimonies from personalities from the inner circle of the former real estate magnate, in particular from his former personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who is himself the subject of a criminal investigation.

His financial affairs in New York

The Manhattan prosecutor is investigating, in a criminal case, suspicions of fraudulent valuation of assets within the Trump Organization (golf clubs, luxury hotels and properties) to obtain better loans from banks, or to reduce their taxes.

The conglomerate and its chief financial officer have been charged with tax evasion, and a trial is expected in 2022.

In a second civil case, New York State Attorney General, Democrat Letitia James, is seeking to shed light on similar suspicions of fraudulent asset valuation.

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