The Lion King and Marvel inspired the most popular dog names of 2022

Lourdes Balduque/Getty Images

Lourdes Balduque/Getty Images

Names from the Marvel universe are on the rise in 2022.

ANIMALS – Nala, Rio or Bruceā€¦ As every year, the most popular first names given to dogs were revealed by Rover, an organization connecting owners and pet sitters, on Tuesday November 8, 2022. Among the most inspiring universes , The Lion King is the most popular, but first names from Marvel films are also on the rise.

The survey of 1,500 dog owners in France reveals that the three most popular female names are Nala, Luna and Ruby. We find Rio, Simba and Rocky among the males. The obvious is obvious: three of these six first names are taken from the famous Disney cartoon, The Lion King – Nala, Rio and Simba, like the previous year.

The year of the “T”

First names inspired by the Marvel universe are on the rise. Bruce (392%) and Hulk (92%) are both directly taken from the eponymous film featuring the green superhero. We also find Wanda (324%) and Darcy (292%) for the universe of the Wandavision series and Peter (217%) in reference to Spiderman.

2022 is also the year of the “T”. Tessa, Texas, Tobby, Tempo and Tia all recorded exceptional increases of over 1000%. But none made it into the top 10, neither male nor female. Tina ranks only 18th among females.

Dogs are also increasingly named after their owners’ favorite foods and treats. The first names Macarons and Biscuit recorded increases of 592% and 492% respectively. Finally, among the names that have experienced a sharp drop this year, we find Figaro (141%), Rillette (125%) and Bucky (108).

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