The Lille Bar creates its literary prize: “Lawyers also need to escape”

The jury of the Lille Bar has just awarded its first literary prize chosen from among six novels, in connection with the world of justice. The laureate is Mathieu Palain, author of “Ne t’arret pas de cours”.

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The jurors, five lawyers and a journalist, chose Mathieu Palain, and his meeting with a very special hero: athletics champion by day, burglar by night.

The author of “Don’t stop running” (Iconoclast, 19 euros) adds to his list of prizes received, the first literary prize from the Lille bar, organized in collaboration with Le Furet.

A book built in the parlor

Patrick Jankielewicz, editor-in-chief of La Voix du Nord, president of the jury explained this choice: “ It’s a double story of two people, who are the same age, were born in the same place. Through their encounter, they seek out each other’s humanity. It is a book without concession, between the novel and the document. A very well written book, which raises the question of “What makes some get by and others don’t? “.

Matthieu Palain’s hero is ” of those that lawyers know well
will say the winner in turn, at the time of the award ceremony. ” Young people caught in a spiral, who promise then fall back, and we don’t know when they will get out of it

The hero Toumany Coulibaly really exists. Mathieu Palain has built his book over the visiting rooms. Currently, he is out of prison: He works as an accountant. He prepares the athletics championships “.

Master Mô, memory intact

The award ceremony took place this Thursday, June 23, at the Maison des avocats, rue d’Angleterre in Lille. ” This literary prize from the Lille Bar was born because lawyers also need to escape “, smiled the president Marie-Christine Dutat.

There could not be a literary prize from the Lille bar, without a thought for Jean-Yves Moyart “, will indicate Me Alice Cohen-Sabban, recalling the void left by the Lille lawyer who died on February 20, 2021. Here, between lawyers, he was called Jean-Yves. His countless social media followers adored Master Mô. His clients called him Master Moyart with a respect that he returned to them a hundredfold.

Jean-Yves Moyart put particular energy into defending those he called ” the reprobates “. He told their stories in a magnificent book “Au Guet-Apens – Chronicles of ordinary criminal justice”, reissued under the title of “Mô, the book of Jean-Yves Moyart, (Les Arènes, 20 euros). On Thursday, Lille lawyers awarded his companion the honorary literary prize from the Lille bar.

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