the lawyer of “anti-vaccines” Fabrice Di Vizio tried by his peers

“Fabric! Fabrice! Fabrice! » It’s the crowd of the great days this morning on the place Dauphine. About 200 people came to support Me Fabrice Di Vizio who, at 9 a.m., must appear in a disciplinary hearing before the Council of the Order of the Paris Bar. The problem is that the room provided for the hearing can only hold 30 people.

“I’ve asked the Order to open their large auditorium so you can all go inside. Otherwise, I’m leaving.” spear Me Di Vizio, applauded like a rock star before a concert. “I just had Cyril on the phone. He said to me: “See you this evening”. adds the lawyer. No need for subtitles for his fans. The figurehead of the opponents of the vaccination against the Covid should be the same evening on the set of Cyril Hanouna on C8. In the meantime, he has to face his peers in the auditorium where, in the end, everyone finds a place.

An “excessively impetuous register”

The Chairman of the Disciplinary Board, Mr.e Pierre-Olivier Sur, recalls that a lawyer must be able, in the name of the oath he has taken, to show probity, honor, delicacy, courtesy and moderation in his remarks. And if Me Di Vizio finds himself prosecuted, it is because, in very many tweets, he made a very excessive use of terms such as “cons” Where “assholes”.

It is the president who cites these different epithets “rude, vulgar, offensive”considering it to be a “excessively impetuous register” likely to damage the image of the profession.

According to Me Di Vizio, these remarks made out of court targeted the government or people who contested its positions on the Covid. “I spoke, not as a lawyer, but (inasmuch as) public debater in a debate of general interest”, he explains, adding that he was then planning to be a candidate for the legislative elections.

“I used a language that could be understood by young people, especially those from the working classes”, he argues, referring to “Bolsonaro or Trump”. But for M.e Sure, a lawyer remains so in all circumstances: “To the public, you are Me Di Vizio, and it is this quality of lawyer that allows you to have such a media surface. »

Six-month ban required

If the lawyer is prosecuted, it is also because of tweets which date from September 2021 and in which he considered that a collaborator deserved to be fired from his office because… she had just been vaccinated. “She was fired later but for another reason,” precise Me Di Vizio, also brought to explain his calls to invite the public to circumvent “legally” the decree on the health pass.

The Order criticizes him for not having warned his interlocutors of the risks of failure of this type of appeal. “No customer of Me Di Vizio did not take legal action against him,” answer the defenders of the lawyer against whom was claimed six months of prohibition of exercise, including three suspended. Decision expected on November 2.


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