the lawyer Arié Alimi denounces a summary execution

After the death of a driver of a car stolen in Nice, the lawyer Arié Alimi denounces a summary execution on the part of the policeman who fired. He explained it in “Apolline Matin” this Thursday on RMC and RMC Story.

“When unions say self-defense, reality says summary execution.” That’s what he said lawyer Arié Alimi on Twitter, after the death of a driver of a stolen car in Nice on Wednesday afternoon. A policeman shot at the window of the motorist, of Tunisian nationality. He was placed in police custody by the IGPN, as required by the procedure in such a situation. “On the images of Nice, that’s how I analyze it (a summary execution, editor’s note), explains Me Arié Alimi in ‘Apolline Matin’ this Thursday on RMC and RMC Story. In addition, we see a trade unionist ( policeman) commenting on BFMTV, just before the images were broadcast on the networks, self-defense. When we see the images, we realize that it is not that at all and that there was absolutely no dangerous situation for the policeman.

According to Me Arié Alimi, “we have a form of ‘bestialization’, brutalization, police action”. “It is due to the Ministry of the Interior, which is trying to go towards this famous presumption of self-defense. The real danger, that’s it. It’s not only for the population, but also for the police,” he adds. On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, it was a 22-year-old woman who lost her life after a police officer shot during an anti-drug operation, after the refusal to comply by the driver of the car in which she found herself.

“A real risk of confrontation between the police and the population”

“When the police officer uses his weapon, he is legitimately convinced that he is within a legal framework and that his life is in danger, assures Grégory Joron, secretary general Unit SGP Police-FO, on RMC. that is not the case and that there are judgments which show that the police officer was not within a legal framework for the use of weapons. But overall, when the police officer uses his weapon, it is not lightly. It’s that he is in mortal danger, that he must protect his colleagues. I don’t mind talking about figures, but what do we tell the police? get you run over, we’re not moving?”

“You have invoked the presumption of innocence with regard to the policeman, replies Me Arié Alimi. It should also be done in a symmetrical way for the driver. There, by considering that the policeman is necessarily in a position of self-defense, you imply the fact that the driver may have committed attempted murder or endangering the life of others. Let’s respect the presumption of innocence for both parties. There is more at stake than that. There is a real risk of confrontation between the forces of order and the population, because all violence leads to other violence. This has been historically demonstrated. We must, all the progressive forces of this country, tell the Ministry of the Interior that we cannot can’t go that way.”

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