The lawyer, an essential partner for immigrating to Canada

Immigration to Canada is a complex areaimmediately announces Natacha Mignon, founder of the Immetis law firm in Montreal, dedicated to immigration and professional mobility in Canada. We first evaluate our clients’ options and recommend the best program for their situation. We then take care of preparing their file from A to Z and stay with them until the visa is issued. » Immetis also advises its clients for any specific problem such as a medical condition, a situation of blended family or even a previous refusal. As in many other areas of law, the use of a lawyer is not mandatory. People who choose to hire a lawyer for immigration procedures wish to have the advice of a legal professional, knowing immigration law and its subtleties, to prepare their project as well as possible. “It is not uncommon for us to be consulted by people who are stopped on a program and that we make them realize that they do not meet the criteria”, recognizes Me Mignon. As for practicing the profession of lawyer in Canada, there is a difference between Quebec and the rest of the provinces. Lawyers who are members of a French bar can become members of the Quebec bar, by requesting the application of the provisions of the mutual recognition agreements (MRA) applicable to the profession, and on condition of proving that they belong to a bar in France. . “They must then complete an admission file and pass an ethics and professional practice exam”, specifies Me Mignon. In the rest of Canada, French lawyers will have to return to the benches of the faculty, with however the possibility of seeing certain courses recognized.

Arguments to seduce

The Immetis firm therefore recommends that future immigrants learn about Canada, its provinces, and the different possibilities for settling there. “I meet so many families who have lost precious months, even years, simply because they didn’t follow the right path for them”testifies Me Mignon, who specifies: “I cannot say that one province is more welcoming than another for a Frenchman. Each has its specificities and arguments to attract newcomers. This is why I always encourage my clients to learn about Canada and to question their project. They need to know what they want in their new life. » The country has so much to offer, whether one is looking for a large metropolis, economic and cultural centers, or on the contrary a life in the heart of nature which gives pride of place to outdoor activities.

Future immigrants must also ask themselves if they wish to evolve in a French-speaking, English-speaking or bilingual environment. Moreover, the French should know that mastering the language of Molière gives them a definite advantage both for obtaining a work permit and for obtaining permanent resident status through the “Entrée Express” in English-speaking provinces. “As for the change of province, it is sometimes possible with a work permit, not limited geographically, explains Me Mignon. Once becoming a permanent resident, an immigrant must ensure that they initially live in their province of choice, before settling outside of it. » It is also important to clearly define your project: study, work, invest or simply live in Canada? In accordance with the project and the profile of the candidates for immigration, one or more immigration routes may be considered. The key is to set the right one.

Anticipate its installation

As for the processing timesment of work permits, they are currently quite long but also very disparate. “A classic work permit requested from the embassy in Paris currently takes ten weeks to be issued, young professional permits five to six weeks, details Me Cute. In India, it takes forty-two weeks! For a license renewal requested from Canada, you have to wait 154 days. You should therefore not panic and know the reality of the deadlines for the procedure you are considering. » Submitting work permit applications from France is therefore quite possible, but this requires anticipating its installation by a few months. “When a French family has back-to-school requirements, I even recommend starting the process very early in the first quarter of the year to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure its arrival in Quebec during August with complete peace of mind”, adds Me Cute. Finally, a Frenchman, like any foreigner, can be a shareholder of a company in Canada. In Quebec and British Columbia, all directors of a company can also be foreign. On the other hand, it must be understood that the fact of opening a company in Canada does not give status with regard to immigration. “Once the company is created, you have to turn to the immigration authorities to apply for a work permit, if the shareholder wishes to operate his company locally. This is a key nuance.”warns Me Mignon.

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