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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] More than an adviser, today’s lawyer must establish himself as the partner of his clients. In any case, this is the raison d’être of the firm Petrel & Associés, which accompanies the change of companies and differentiates itself by its “business” and “partner” spirit…

Everything is said in Pétrel’s signature: “the power of daring, strong expertise and a commitment to responsibility”. A leitmotif that is verified in the facts and takes on all the more meaning in these troubled times when crises tend to follow one another. More than ever, companies need support to adapt and survive… And this is precisely the added value of Pétrel & Associés, which offers its clients local support.

At the head of the firm, Pascal Petrel, who in addition to his excellent knowledge of texts and case law, stands out for his rapid and reliable analysis of the most complex situations. And if he is a technician of social law, the man is also a business manager who must manage his own business every day…

Facing new economic and social challenges

However, social law now poses new economic and social challenges. The health crisis linked to Covid-19 is a perfect illustration of this, having brought with it profound changes at work. Throughout the pandemic, Petrel & Associés has been present alongside its clients to enable them to be agile and responsive to the legal vagaries of the moment; nothing new for the firm, which has always helped shape the company of tomorrow by supporting its transformation to better ensure its performance.

Because the pandemic has truly been an opportunity to highlight the crucial role of the lawyer within a company and more particularly still, his role of advice and support. Who better placed, in fact, than the lawyer to decipher an ultra-complex and ever-changing legal environment?

Petrel & Associés: a “business partner” approach

The firm Pétrel & Associés has thus been able to establish itself even more as the partner of its clients by demonstrating flexibility, flexibility, adaptation but also, of course, reactivity. Because, at the height of the health crisis, emergency response has become the rule! A paradigm that remains, ultimately, the key to success in the field of labor law where often situations must be managed quickly and according to the rules of the art… The lawyer, more than ever, plays a decisive role in management of crisis.

Beyond that, as a partner of a company, present in the worst moments, the lawyer also remains an essential ally to help his clients grow by guiding them as best as possible in their decision-making.

On the strength of this certainty, Petrel & Associés has long been part of a “Business Partner” logic and pursues only one goal: to enable its clients, business leaders, to achieve their objectives. At their side, the experts in labor law who are the strength of the firm determine the best strategy to deploy and provide them with their pragmatic and operational insights. Refined technical expertise and a “partner” spirit which are precisely the best assets of Pascal Petrel and his talents…

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