The Ink’Avocat application created in Montpellier facilitates the sending of documents between lawyers and their clients

The app Ink’Avocat
simplifies the life of lawyers and their clients. No more sending by email and in different formats the documents necessary for the processing of a file. With this application created in Montpellier in September 2022, everything is sent at the same time and to the same place.

Interview with Corinne Ferrer, lawyer at the bar of Montpellier and inventor of Ink’Avocat.

Are you tired of receiving documents from your clients in a mess and in different formats?

Yes, I identified the problem during the first confinement. I received a lot ofemails from my clients with pieces in different photo formats. I said to myself that a solution had to be found. My 20-year-old son helped me because he’s a geek who is interested in the question and so we designed this Ink’Avocat application together.

Is it really a problem in your profession to have incomplete files or documents are sent drop by drop and in different emails?

The initial problem is that law firms need to digitize. This was already the trend before confinement, but it accelerated with the health crisis. And opposite, we have in particular individuals who, themselves, are not interested in office tools and who turn mainly to the smartphone. Instead, they send photographs of documents taken on the kitchen table with different formats, often page by page through different channels, whether by email, by SMS and also by WhatsApp. What makes a real puzzle to piece together for the lawyer who receives these documents.

Is it an additional administrative burden?

Yes, and there are two solutions. Either the customer is called back indefinitely to redo the work, which is not necessarily very good for the customer relationship. In the evening, we suffer and we change the formats ourselves. So it’s an additional burden for law firms.

Your Ink’Avocat application is the solution to this problem. It is supposed to simplify this process. Concretely, how does it work?

There is a combination of three functionalities. The first is a list of pre-made parts that the lawyer can, at his leisure, increase or reduce. He will customize it according to the file that interests him.

The second is a scanner available in the application and which will actually replace the camera. So the piece will be improved, straightened, contoured. No more photos taken on the kitchen table.

And finally, the third feature is the coin collector. Thanks to him, the documents are only sent to the lawyer when they have all been completed. So that all the parts are sent simultaneously for a gain in productivity as well.

It’s a simplification for everyone. ?

Yes, and it is also for the lawyer’s client to be understood in his difficulties relating to the digital tool.

All lawyers can use it. Just subscribe to use your application?

There is a non-binding subscription, which is €25 per month per law firm and can be canceled at any time. For the customers, it’s totally free. It is a tool that is made available by their attorneys for clients to use.


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