the husband’s lawyers seize the prosecutor for violation of the secrecy of the instruction

The defense of Cédric Jubillar is indignant to see that, since the beginning of the case, a lot of information has appeared in the press without being communicated to them. She would like investigations to be carried out on this subject.

While new elements come to overwhelm Cédric Jubillar, suspected of having participated in the disappearance of his wife on December 15, 2020, the lawyers of the main suspect seized this Wednesday morning the public prosecutor of Toulouse in the face of the numerous leaks having taken place. in the press.

Contacted by Le FigaroMe Emmanuelle Franck, one of Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, criticizes practices that “directly jeopardize not only the file, but also the functioning of justice“.

Overwhelming expertise for the husband of the disappeared?

A defense complaint following the publication of extracts from Cédric Jubillar’s psychiatric expertise, as well as the conclusions of a report concerning Delphine Jubillar’s glasses. Regarding the expertise around the victim’s glasses, The Parisian reports that these could only be broken by “applying a load to the nose of the frame“. A hypothesis that obviously does not share the advice of Cédric Jubillar, who are surprised to see that, if we admit that a blow has indeed been struck, the husband would still have taken care of “put the glasses in a prominent place on the counter, where the gendarmes could easily have found them“. Me Franck also explains that if Delphine Jubillar’s glasses could not be found in this state following a simple fall, the young woman could on the other hand have “sit or walk on it“.

As for the exact moment when this pair of glasses could have been broken, the vagueness persists. Little Louis, the couple’s son, says his mother was wearing glasses when they watched together, the day before his disappearance, the program “France has an incredible talent”. “But, what we don’t know is which pair of glasses Delphine was wearing at that time.“, nuances the lawyer. Because, according to Me Franck, the mother of the family had two pairs of glasses as well as lenses. In addition, the colleagues of the disappeared had indicated that they often happened to see her with glasses “patched up with tape“. “It’s a non-eventconcludes Me Franck.

A psychiatric expertise – which would have been added to the file on April 4, which Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers refute – also raises questions. According to extracts published by The Parisian the personality of the respondent would have been defined as “egocentric” and presenting many “psychic scars“despite the impossibility of the”destabilize“. Elements which, according to Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, have “never been on file“. “We weren’t even notified. We would therefore like investigations to be carried out around this violation of the secrecy of the instruction.“, Me Emmanuelle Franck told us, calling for “take a closer look at Delphine’s phone activationsduring the night of his disappearance. According to the report by mobile phone company Huawei, the phone was unlocked three times during the night, “However, Delphine Jubillar changed the codes of her phone two days before her disappearance, and Cédric was not aware“, blows the criminal.

Despite these new elements which destabilize the defense, Cédric Jubillar, indicted and placed in pre-trial detention on June 18, 2021 for “murder of a spouse”, remains for the moment still presumed innocent.

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