the House of Representatives adopts an increase in the resources of the police

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In the United States, the House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation that aims to increase funding for local police departments. Sufficiently rare to be underlined, it was adopted by a large bipartisan majority. But the progressive wing of the Democratic Party believes that the lessons of the murder of George Floyd, an African American killed by a white police officer, have not been learned.

For progressive Democratic lawmakers, funding the smallest police departments in the United States to the tune of $250 million over the next five years is an aberration. Since the murder of george floyd and the monster demonstrations of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, they demand the opposite, namely: to reduce the funding of the police.

Worse, according to these elected members of the left wing of the party, the “Invest to protect” law does not in any way tackle the basic problem of police violence which, in the United States, mainly targets African-Americans.

Democrats don’t want to be accused of laxity

But less than 50 days from the midterm elections, the Democratic staff has other worries. He wants to silence Republicans who accuse Democrats of being lax in tackling crime. An argument that works, especially in conservative states where Democrats are put to the test during this election campaign.

That the elected House Democrats propose and adopt, with the support of the Republicans, the “Invest to Protect” law “ will send a clear signal throughout the country “, estimated Josh Gottheimer, the Democrat behind the project, before concluding: “ Democrats support law enforcement “.


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