The heartbreaking farewell of a veterinarian who took care of a chimpanzee

A vet, Eduardo Sacasa, who ran the National Zoo of Nicaragua, had to say goodbye to his great friend in a very touching way. “Pipo”, a chimpanzee of about 38 years old, had had an accident in his cage and it was time to say goodbye to him. The farewell between the two was truly heartbreaking and no doubt a very special moment that they will never forget.

The story between the two began when the chimpanzee arrived in Nicaragua from Havana, Cuba, when the animal was only 11 months old. When the vet took over the management of the national zoo in 1997, it was there that they met and created this special bond between them. From then on he raised him as if he were his own son and of course Usopp thinks Eduardo is his real father.

Since the first day of their meeting, they both share a beautiful chemistry and a beautiful bond. Eduardo wanted to earn the trust, affection and friendship of this animal carefully. Indeed, he had to be careful, because chimpanzees are animals that have the strength of five men. Thus, if at any time Pipo got angry, it could be quite dangerous. For this reasonEduardo did his best to be the best father for him.

A veterinarian takes care of a chimpanzee for his whole life, until it’s time to say goodbye forever.

Unfortunately, Pipo had a very serious accident in his cage while he was inside. The roof of the cage fell on him and caused severe damage to his skull, forcing him to undergo horrific reconstructive surgery in an attempt to save him. They succeeded in stabilizing it, but unfortunately, the poor animal had several scars, losing several teeth and an eye.

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If that seemed like enough suffering for a chimpanzee, something happened to make it worse. In 2012, school children had the terrible idea of ​​throwing a backpack into the chimpanzee’s cage, but with a knife inside. The chimpanzee suffered several injuries both legs, one of which was very serious, and things didn’t seem to be going well for him.

Since his first accident he hadn’t felt well, but with the second accident things got dramatically worse, cwhich made Pipo more and more aggressive. The backpacking experience traumatized him and now, whenever he sees young people who seem to be going to school, he is very nervous. Also, many claimed that they were going to give him food and in fact gave him nothing and because of this he was biting his own old wounds to the point of tearing off pieces of his skin.

So he had to be tied down to prevent him from getting hurt again. All of this caused a lot of pain for the vet who had to watch his friend hurt himself. For this reason and many others, the man decided to say goodbye to the national zoo, which was then taken over by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources after being managed for 25 years by the experts of the foundation. Amigos del Zoologico Nicaraguan.

Before leaving, the vet decided to say goodbye to his great friend, who was like his son, it was very difficult to say goodbye to him. It was a very touching moment, they hugged and cuddled for a long time. But even though they will no longer be physically together, the memory of each other will remain in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

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