The gendarmes search his home for car theft and discover a caracal, a protected feline

The caracal was discovered by chance by the gendarmes of the North who searched a home in Roubaix for an investigation into acts committed in an organized gang.

Funny discovery for the gendarmes of the North who then investigate facts committed in an organized gang concerning car thefts. Nothing to do with animal trafficking, but the clues lead them to Roubaix, as La Voix du Nord reports.

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During the search of a suspect, the Gendarmerie Surveillance and Intervention Platoon (Psig) and the Specialized Gendarmerie Protection Platoon (PSPG) make this more than unexpected discovery: a caracal held in a cage. The caracal is a large wild cat from Africa and Asia, which resembles the lynx. It is protected and therefore cannot be held without authorization.

The feline was taken care of by the French Office for Biodiversity and the firefighters who entrusted it to an animal park in the Loire.

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