The gendarmes come across a caracal during an arrest

If the military know the helicopter or the Caracal sniper rifle, they are however less accustomed to the feline whose name these materials bear. And it is nevertheless with a specimen of this species that the gendarmes of Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin, in the North, were confronted, at the end of October, during an intervention.

It was not a routine operation that the gendarmes of Lille, supported by the PSIG of Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin, were to carry out, early, Tuesday, October 25. Especially since the Specialized Gendarmerie Protection Platoon (PSPG) of Gravelines, an elite counter-terrorism unit, had also been invited to the party. The target was an individual “implicated in the context of an offense committed in an organized gang”, announces the gendarmerie of the North, without expanding on the subject.

A very big cat

After securing their target, the gendarmes had to search the home. And it was while searching the premises that they came across a very particular type of feline. It was a caracal, a kind of wild cat that can weigh up to 19 kg and is more accustomed to African, Middle Eastern or Indian latitudes. In France, his detention is strictly supervised and requires, in particular, a certificate of capacity which the defendant did not hold.

Officials from the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) took charge of the animal, captured with the help of firefighters from the North. The caracal was then handed over to an animal park to find other congeners of its species.

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