the future of positive discrimination at the university before the Supreme Court

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A new decisive case debated this Monday, October 31 by the Supreme Court of the United States: positive discrimination within universities. The racial question will be at the heart of these debates, while many Americans fear a new backlash

With our correspondent in Washington, Loubna Anaki

It is a device in place since the end of the 1960s. “Affirmative Action” or positive discrimination which allows universities to take into account the racial origins of students in their admission. The objective is to fight against discrimination and the under-representation of Blacks and Hispanics in higher education institutions.

But now, an organization representing a few thousand students has seized the Supreme Court. Because she believes that because of this device, white or Asian students have been refused despite their good grades. She claims that they, in turn, were discriminated against.

So it will be up to the judges to decide. Historically, they have always rejected complaints from this organization, but with a clearly right-wing Supreme Court and magistrates who no longer hesitate to revisit historical case law, anything is possible.

Many anti-racism organizations say they fear the end of affirmative action in universities. While major groups like Apple and General Motors have called for preserving this measure which they say guarantees “ a more diverse and efficient payroll “.

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