the French would throw away the equivalent of 67 euros of food each month

In France, Ademe announces that 10 million tonnes of food products are thrown away each year. That is 30 kilos of food per French person per year, including 7 kilos of products still packaged. A maddening proportion when it is translated into expenditure: this waste would represent the equivalent of 67 euros of food thrown in the trash every month.

Better manage your purchases

However, according to the survey conducted by Censusweb for the Hellofresh site, if the food budget of the French varies according to the periods, the size of the households and their income, it represents, on average, 81.73 euros per week (half of French people spend more than 73 euros).

Purchases that could be better balanced and more economical: waste is partly due to excessive purchases or poorly preserved products. “35% of French people regularly throw away food. By buying only the quantity needed for each meal, the risk of waste would be limited,” explains Thomas avoirte, culinary expert at HelloFresh.

At a time when inflation continues to climb (+ around 10% for food products) and the price of certain foods has exploded, avoiding waste by controlling your purchases would limit the impact on the wallet of the French.

Since 2020, the anti-waste law for a circular economy has provided for several measures, such as reducing food waste by 50% between 2015 and 2025, or donating unsold items to associations. 5.5 million people benefited from food aid in 2017 and 8 million people were food insecure for financial reasons.

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