The food favorites of starred chef Christophe Hardiquest

Who is Chef Natali?

Sebath Capela, Indrani Lodge in Genappe:

“Sebath Capela worked alongside me for 5 years, he is an extremely talented chef. I have already eaten at his place. He is a brilliant young chef who offers a mainly vegetable cuisine, but also gourmet and very tasty. He learned to master the depth of tastes, to divert the classics and to offer modern dishes. He is a hit, I am delighted to see his evolution. »

Basile De Wulf, Basile at La Bruyère:

“Basile is a brilliant chef who opened his restaurant in a wooden chalet. I haven’t been to his place yet, but his restaurant is also working wonderfully well. I also worked for 5 years with him. Basile is a marathon runner: he puts everything in place to succeed in his projects, he is very professional. He offers a very thoughtful cuisine and continues to grow and challenge himself. Like Sebath, he is a humble, loyal and brilliant leader. True pure culinary talents! It’s funny, I kind of found my touch with them, even if they managed to develop their own identity. »

“Adrien Cunnac is also a name to remember! He worked for 10 years with me and we are going to launch a project together in Switzerland very soon. He is a quality leader, loyal, idealistic and determined. Even if he does not have a young table in Belgium, I want to mention him in this article, because he will become a pearl of gastronomy, I am sure! »

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