“The flamekueche is to die for” says Thierry Marx, visiting Alsace

The famous star chef Thierry Marx
was visiting Alsace on Monday. The high-profile chef is indeed a candidate for the presidency of UMIH
the union of trades and industries in the hotel and restaurant sector, the main trade union in the sector.

The election will take place on October 27 but in the meantime, the former juror of Top Chef and current chef of the 2-star Michelin restaurant “Bespoke by Thierry Marx”
in Paris makes a tour of France to convince. He says he is looking for solutions to find labor in the hotel and catering industry where 220,000 positions are to be filled.

“The subject may be the replanning of our professions. There are people who want to work four days a week, for example. So it is up to us, the professional union, to question the sovereign, to sit around a table and start thinking about employment contracts specific to the hotel and catering industry” he said.

“It is time to offer our employees a different schedule. We have young people who tell us that they will not have a sacrificial relationship to work and that is perfectly understandable. So it is up to us to bring them suitable schedule solutions “ continues Thierry Marx.

Alsatian gastronomy

For the chief, it is also necessary to advance on the charges that the establishments will have to reimburse. “If I am elected, the important file will be the PGE and its reimbursements. This adds up to energy and raw material costs, for some companies this will be very tricky. It will be necessary to be ready to help the colleagues who will need it” he believes.

Thierry Marx went to the CEFPPA Adrien Zeller in Illkirch, near Strasbourg, on Monday. The opportunity of course to talk about Alsatian gastronomy. For him, moreover, there is not necessarily a need to modernize it.

“We can change the sugar or fat levels, but our elders had talent. I see Alsatian charcuterie, fermented products, fermented cabbage, it’s coming back into fashion, it’s very trendy. Things have a normal evolution there is no need to constantly revolutionize” he says. And he adds: “Olivier Nasti gave me a taste of the Flammkuchen a few years ago. It’s to die for. It’s dishes of friends, sharing, discussion“.

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