the five key duels that can tip the scales of the Senate – Liberation


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Midterms: 2022 US Midterm Electionscase

Total rout or consolidated majority? Guide to the states to scrutinize in the Upper House, where Joe Biden’s Democrats are playing very big against Trumpist candidates and a Republican dynamic that is difficult to stem.

On November 8, the Democrats will certainly lose control of the House of Representatives, according to the polls. Can they still save the day by keeping their minimal advantage in the Senate, where a third of the seats are put into play during the midterms ballot? Since the election of Joe Biden, the Upper House has been divided exactly 50-50 between Democrats and Conservatives, with the sole voice of Vice President Kamala Harris to decide between them in the event of a tie. It is therefore enough for one of the two parties to reverse a seat held by the other, without losing any itself, to claim a majority. Screening of the most disputed races, and therefore decisive, all housed within the margin of error of the pollsters.


Dr. Oz versus Fetterman

Outgoing Pat Toomey (Republican) is not running. His seat is contested by Mehmet Öz (Republican) and John Fetterman (Democrat).

Only in America : The nation’s most scrutinized and costly Senate battle in 2022 also features the most


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