“The feeling of insecurity in Lyon threatens our businesses”

Lyon (69) On September 14, representatives of Umih 69 met the prefect of the Rhône to alert him to the feeling of insecurity in Lyon which has been spreading for several months. Hospitality and catering professionals are worried about the future consequences for their establishments. The explanations of Thierry Fontaine, president of the Umih du Rhône.

L’Hôtellerie Restauration: What did you expect from this meeting with the prefect of the Rhône?

Thierry Fontaine : It was important for us to alert elected officials to this feeling of insecurity in Lyon which is shared by a good number of inhabitants, tourists and also by hotel and restaurant professionals. For example, we notice that many of our elderly customers now refuse to book the second service at the restaurant for fear of returning late. The same is true for our employees, many of whom no longer want to finish their work at 1 a.m. It is not normal.

What are you asking of the public authorities?

Concrete solutions. We welcome the increase in police personnel put in place this summer by the Minister of the Interior. This has paid off as crime figures have gone down. But we must go further. For example, we want an increase in the number of cameras in the city and that the national police can have direct access to them without going through an intermediary. But the municipality of Lyon opposes it. That it brings us then in exchange for other solutions!

Does this feeling of insecurity already have consequences for tourism in Lyon?

For the moment no, because we had an excellent tourist season. But this scourge threatens our businesses in the long term. Many media, even abroad, have spoken of the insecurity in Lyon lately. However, it is very difficult to change the image of a destination that is disavowed. We must not let the problem get bogged down.

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