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The Libé of Animalscase

Located in the Yonne and in the Allier, two beagle dog farms intended for laboratories belonging to an American group are prospering. A business that raises the indignation of opponents of animal testing.

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Fake blood, a few signs, a megaphone and a small saucepan on which a young person taps with a spoon: this October 24, activists are trying to make their voices heard in front of the huge Sanofi site, in Marcy-l’Etoile (Metropolis from Lyon). “Sanofi, we are here to ruin your life, your crimes will not go unpunished!” These 13 activists came, sometimes from afar, to denounce the experiments on dogs. On the other side of the gates, the 3,600 employees of the Sanofi industrial complex remain invisible. The disproportion of the forces present amuses one of the gendarmes mobilized around this demonstration: “This is what will make Sanofi tremble…”

Experiments on dogs are not, however, the fantasies of a handful of animalists: according to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, 4,079 dogs were the subject of an experiment in 2020; 40% of them have even suffered several. Almost all of them are beagles: a privileged species because they are particularly kind and docile.

“Experimentation is a necessary evil”

What do we do to them? Injections of products, blood tests, tissue or organ samples, punctures, biopsies, force-feeding, skin, heart, brain, ophthalmological tests, autopsies for analyses… The list


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