the disconcerting remarks of the suspect’s lawyer on the state of his client

Lucas L. confessed. Placed in police custody after the disappearance of Justine Vayrac, the 21-year-old farm worker confessed to having killed and then hidden the body of the young mother. This Thursday, October 27, he was indicted for murder, kidnapping and rape and placed in pre-trial detention, announced the public prosecutor of Limoges Baptiste Porcher. According to these statements to investigators, Lucas L. would have killed Justine Vayrac “at his home”, “after consensual sex” by giving him “a punch”. The alleged murderer “would have brought the body to the forestwould have gone to look for an agricultural machine to dig and bury the body” before going to erase the traces of blood at his home, continued the prosecutor. This Friday, October 28, his lawyer spoke on the antenna of BFMTV.

Me Michel Labrousse explained that his client was still in a “state of bewilderment”. “Regarding his victim, I think he has not yet understood what happened. He is in a state of amazement. It will take a long time for him to understand what happened and what he went through”reacted the lawyer of Lucas L. According to Me Michel Labrousse, his client is a young man “classic, a well-integrated social individual, who has a high cultural level, high social relations” while denying the double personality that some have described for several days. “I have known this young man for several (…)


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