the court of cassation confirms the ban on religious symbols for lawyers

The Court of Cassation rejected, on Wednesday, the appeal of a Lille lawyer and a student lawyer. Both disputed modification of the rules of procedure of the Lille Bar Association, prohibiting any wearing of signs “ostensibly manifesting a religious, philosophical, community or political affiliation or opinion“, with the lawyer’s robe. A provision that the lawyer and his student consider discriminatory, and contrary to religious freedom.

Ban on wearing the veil with the lawyer’s robe

The young woman had, in 2018, wished to take the oath with her Islamic headscarf, and the controversy had led to this prohibition in the internal regulations in 2019. In July 2020 Douai Court of Appeal had ruled that the Lille Bar Association had acted legally, which has therefore just been confirmed by the Court of Cassation. A stop that makes this final decision.

The court considers that lawyer suit uniformity allows equality between them, and therefore between litigants, and guarantees a fair trial.

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